Vince Forwards, the alias created by Vincent Bijvank is already a well known name in the electronic music scene, more specifically melodic progressive house and ambient. Based in the Netherlands, Vincent has established his name in the scene as a gifted and prolific composer of numerous tracks over the span of years since 2011. His career spans over many labels that have sought his talents such as Monstercat Silk, Minded Music, Synth Connection and Soluna Music, just to name a few .

His musical journey and drive for music began at a young age, being proficient in playing the drums and piano which is evident in the compositions he creates now. It wasn’t until the 2000’s that Vincent delved into the electronical side of music as he experimented with aspects such as having gigs as a DJ, producing via analogue audio, general recording projects as well as music and video editing and this led to his discovery of the wonders of electronic music.

As a listener of house music in all possible variations, classical, and lounge music, one can see where these genres have influenced his own style which led to the creation of his emotional and melody fueled signature sounds. He always stays close to new music, labels and fans with his 2 monthly online radio shows at Frisky Radio (chill) and Di.FM (progressive) and his own Melodic Connection content at his online channels. All of his mixes are live recordings to keep in touch with the mixing techniques and stand out from all the “perfect arranged” software mixes which says a lot about how Vince is looking towards nowadays music industry.

In 2021 Vince launched his own label SphereWave on Proton, and started a project with his father called SphereBy, both orientated on ambient, classical and chill out music. Additional inspiration for Vincent’s works have been his hobbies which include hiking and capturing the essence of it via photography. It is with these elements that his style can be distinguished from many other producers, simply because of the honest and heartfelt emotion that goes into each track.

With his 100th release milestone reached, Vincent has bettered himself continuously and has non-commercial purposes or money driven thoughts what will keep him close to his core sounds. The future for him looks to be packed with more awe inspiring sounds that have had listeners hooked since his first release. So keep your eyes and ears opened for what is to come from this melodic maestro!